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Words for booklovers

Are you a booklover? Reading books is a great pastime, provided that you find something to your liking. A comfy armchair, a mug of tea at hand and a page-turner - what a pleasure! A modern bookworm has a wide variety of choice. Bookstores, both stationery and online, offer a never-dwindling stock of great works of literature.

How to decide on a good read? First of all, books fall into two major categories: fiction, that is stories that are made up, and non-fiction, which deal with facts. The two groups have many sub-categories, or genres. We have chic lit (entertaining literature by and for women), children's fiction (literature for children), historical fiction (stories set in the past), science fiction (sci-fi; stories set in the future), and many more. Non-fiction literature includes for example: history books, (auto)biographies and memoirs, travel writing, and textbooks. A French Leutenant's Woman by John Fowles is a piece of historical fiction (or a historical novel), whereas Simon Shama's A History of Britain is a non-fiction title. What sort of books do you like? Me? I love crime fiction (whodunnits): murder mysteries and messed up detectives are my cup of tea. To know the plot of a book, read the blurb on the back cover.
Titles which sell the biggest number of copies top bestseller lists and those may be your guide when choosing a book. However, many people think that such books are a waste of time and prefer some ambitious award-winning titles or the classics. The most renowned literary prize in the UK is the Man Booker. The prize, which in 2008 celebrated its 40th anniversary, is presented to a full-length novel in English published in the Commonwealth and the Republic of Ireland in a given year. Getting shortlisted for the award is enough to give an author a huge boost in sales.
Having decided on the title, you have to make a choice on how the book will look like. Hardbacks are a good investment (especially when you buy a dictionary) as they will serve you longer. Paperbacks have soft covers and often smaller size than hardbacks, which makes them cheaper. Books may have dust jackets, which protect them from dust and sun. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, consider buying a used copy in a used books store.
Finally, keep those in mind:
  • Always read books with clean hands.
  • Keep books away from the sun and heaters.
  • Don't post sticky notes inside books - they may lift ink and leave a film of adhesive.
  • Don't write on top of books. You may dent them.
  • Don't force open books or place them face down.
  • Don't put books on shelves fore-edge or spine down.
  • Dust your collection from time to time.
  • Use bookmarks and bookends. Here are some interesting ideas from Findgift.com:


a page-turner - książka, od której nie można się oderwać
a bookworm - mól książkowy
a good read - dobra, ciekawa lektura
a bookstore - księgarnia
fiction - powieść
non-fiction - literatura faktu
a genre - gatunek (literacki)
chic lit - babskie czytadło
sci-fi = science fiction
memoirs - wspomnienia, pamiętniki
a textbook - podręcznik
a whodunnit - kryminał, w którym do końca nie wiadomo kto jest mordercą
a plot - akcja, fabuła
a blurb - notka reklamowa, wydawnicza
a cover - okładka
a bestseller list - lista bestselerów, hitów wydawniczych
the classics - klasycy literatury, uznani autorzy
to get shortlisted for an award - znaleźć się na liście finalistów
a hardback - książka w twardej oprawie
a paperback - książka w miękkiej oprawie
a used books store - antykwariat
a dust jacket - obwoluta
a belly band - pasek
a fore-edge - brzeg książki, część książki naprzeciw grzbietu
a spine - grzbiet książki
a bookmark - zakładka
bookends - podpórki
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