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Touch typing

Have you ever wondered why F and J keys on your keyboard have raised bars or dots on them? The answer is: touch typing.

photo: freepixels.com

photo: freepixels.com

Touch typing means using computer keyboard without looking at it. Once mastered, it greatly increases one's typing speed. You no longer have to look for keys you want to press. Your brains does the work for you.

How is that possible? Muscle memory, baby. It allows people to perform movements automatically, without thinking about them. In the case of touch typing your brain remembers where certain keys are located on the keyboard. Thanks to this, expert typists reach the typing speed of over 100 WPM (words per minute)!

There is only one way to learn touch typing: practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the easier it is for you to type. There is a lot of free software allowing to learn how to touch type. You may also buy a special keyboard with blank keys that speeds up the learning process. Learning can be frustrating at times, but it's worth it.



keys - klawisze

touch typing - pisanie bezwzrokowe

keyboard - klawiatura

typing - maszynopisanie, pisanie na komputerze

typists - maszyniści / maszynistki

WPM (words per minute) - słów na minutę

blank - puste, czyste



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2010/04/26 17:01:34
If you would like to learn how to touch type, there is a really good course online at www.pisaniebezwzrokowe.pl . You can test your speed as well at www.pisaniebezwzrokowe.pl/test_szybkosci.html .