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From rags to riches

The Kitchn can’t live without it. Chow hails it. Gourmet mag pays tribute to it. If you are an English-speaking foodie, there is no way you have not heard about it. Microplane.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/9439733@N02/ / CC BY-ND 2.0

The career of this piece of kitchen gadgetry began in the early 1990s with a Canadian woman’s frustration with the poor performance of her box grater. Fed up with the inability to properly zest oranges needed to make a cake, she dropped her kitchen tool into a bin, and reached for her husband’s rasp instead. The woodworking tool worked like a charm, bringing finely grated zest with virtually no effort. The rest is history.

Nowadays, Microplane manufactures a whole range of graters and zesters AND woodworking tools. Microplanes are used to grate and zest everything from cinnamon and citruses to cabbage. Their secret lies in chemically-processed surface which makes it extra sharp, as opposed to dull teeth of traditional graters. Microplanes are available in two shapes: the long and thin (looking just like a wood rasp) and short and wide, not to mention the numerous shaving surfaces: fine for turning whole spices into powder, coarse for tiny specks of parmesan, extra coarse and ribbon for slivers of carrot, and shavers for big chunks of chocolate. Add to this being dishwasher-safe and you have a recipe for a mind-blowing success.



box grater – tarka wielostronna

chemically-processed – chemicznie przetworzona

dishwasher-safe – można myć w zmywarce

dull – tępy

foodie – smakosz, miłośnik gotowania

gadgetry – gadżety

manufacture - produkować

sharp – ostry

surface – powierzchnia

woodworking tool – narzędzie do obróbki drewna

zest (n.) – skórka cytrusowa

zest (v.) – zestrzeć skórkę

zester – skrobak do cytrusów


Note: The word “microplane” has many uses.

1) It is a brand name:

I got a grater made by Microplane.

2) Any of the kitchen tools made by this company:

I own two microplanes.

3) As other manufacturers introduce products similar to microplanes, the word is starting to denote any extra sharp grater or zester (it is undergoing genericization):

I’ve got an Oxo micloplane.


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